Membership of the branch


Membership of the Geneva branch of STEP is available through several routes, as explained in the STEP International Membership information.

STEP Diploma students should in particular note the following :
• Details of the STEP Mentor Program
• Diploma students qualify for the John Usher Memorial Prize

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As a STEP member, you are required to maintain a high standard of professional practice, by keeping up to date and also advancing your professional skills, in the scope of STEP’s Continuing Professional Development or CPD. Attending our regular events and courses is one way to do so. Additional educational programmes are also available to you, such as Advanced Professional Development Courses, Diplomas and other comprehensive schemes. Learn more about CPD.


Members are requested to keep their contact details up to date as these details are printed in the annual STEP Yearbook. Please update you details online.


Persons interested in receiving additional information or in making an application for membership should e-mail the Membership Secretariat.


Non-members of STEP are welcome to attend our events and courses.
If you would like to keep up to date with what is happening at our Geneva branch and would like to receive details of our upcoming events and courses please email the STEP-Geneva Secretariat